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US Franciscans Speak Out on Immigration Ban

The leadership of the US Franciscans have issued a statement against the president’s recent travel ban. They say: The recent actions of President Donald J. Trump regarding the treatment of immigrants and refugees entering our country have been troubling to a wide ranging group of citizens across the United States. As Franciscans, we are morally … Continue reading

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You don’t have to climb upward or be more pure or #perfect to find God

Let’s be honest, our culture places the most value on fame, power, and money. Even people who call themselves Christians are much more fascinated by celebrities and so-called success than they are by the downward path of Jesus. Once you can see that God is in the ordinary and that you don’t have to climb … Continue reading

When You Feel Like Giving Up…Don’t!
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When You Feel Like Giving Up…Don’t!

I think discouragement is man’s most deadly disease because it is universal. Everybody gets discouraged. Not only is it universal but also it’s highly contagious. If you’re around somebody who is discouraged you can get discouraged fairly quickly. But it’s also curable. Bill Russell once made a statement I’ve never forgotten. “Winners — pros — … Continue reading